Who We Are

All Saints Adult Family Home is a family-owned and operated adult family home in Federal Way, Washington. We provide high-quality care, with each resident receiving special attention, focusing on their needs. We allow our residents to be independent while receiving the necessary care to meet their physical and emotional needs. Our mission is to improve or maintain our resident's quality of life. Family and friends play a vital role in our mission, and we invite them to be actively involved with their loved ones with our open-door policy.

The owner and provider of this home is a registered nurse (RN) with 12 years experience, working with geriatrics in various care settings. He understands geriatrics, their comorbidity, medications, and how to maximize their potential. His main goal as a nurse is to eliminate or reduce the hospitalization of residents under his care. Hospitalization reduces the quality of life more in the geriatric population, who take a longer time to recover to their previous potential.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to optimize our residents' physical and cognitive ability to remain independent. We believe that people do not stop living or enjoying life after age 65. Life is here and now filled with possibilities, so we consistently focus on improving the quality of life for our seniors.

Our Vision Statement

Provide high-quality, affordable age-in-place care.

Meet Our Caregivers

Meet our caring and skilled caregivers who are dedicated to providing exceptional care for our residents. Experience the difference they make in the lives of your loved ones.

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