The best care starts with the best providers.

We focus on these 4 core values to achieve our mission:

  1. Encourage mental and physical activities
    We offer exercises six times a week. These are simple sit-down exercises that involve stretching and movement. Exercise activities have many benefits, including boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality, heart health, and strengthening muscles. In the afternoon, we also play “brain games” such as sudoku and crossword puzzles to help improve cognitive functions.
  2. Creating simple daily goals
    It is in our DNA “to do something daily,” and this does not stop as people age. Every day we set simple daily goals for our residents to help them feel a sense of accomplishment. These goals could be as simple as finishing a glass of orange juice with meals, walking 30 feet, completing a puzzle, etc.
  3. Maintaining family and friends connection
    At this home, we have an open-door policy: family and friends are encouraged to visit their loved ones whenever they are available. Research has shown that seniors who are isolated and lonely have shorter lives and are at greater risk for developing dementia.
  4. Asking for help
    People of all ages want to feel needed. In this home, we do our best to make our residents feel more wanted and less burdened. We ask for help with simple tasks they can handle, such as folding laundry, organizing drawers, opening the mail, writing a grocery list, clipping coupons, and prepping meals, as examples.