Essential Tips to Communicate with Dementia Patients


Communicating with a loved one with dementia is not a walk in the park. Memory care in Washington is a complex process that requires a great deal of patience and understanding. Below are some tips to help you simplify the task.

  • Establish a comfortable space

    Bring your loved one to a safe and comfortable environment where you can freely talk without distractions. If communicating with dementia patients is challenging, hiring professionals who offer elderly care in Washingtoncan help! Dementia care professionals are well-trained in proper and effective communication.

  • Listen actively

    Communicating with dementia patients is not only about talking. Active listening is essential to prevent misunderstandings. For family home care professionals, effective communication helps them understand their patient’s needs and preferences. Dementia patients may often feel confused, so initiating a conversation will help reduce their bewilderment.

  • Consider body language and non-verbal cues

    Non-verbal cues help you understand and provide better memory care. Sometimes, dementia patients can express themselves better through their actions. Tap them on the back or hold their hands to show them you understand their feelings.

All Saints Adult Family Home is an adult family home in Federal Way, Washington. Our memory care program meets your loved one’s needs, especially for patients with memory loss. We provide several opportunities for your loved ones to interact, recall happy memories, and create new experiences. Contact us to learn more about us today.

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