Pain Management: How to Relieve Joint Pains


Going through your senior years is never a walk in the park, considering the plethora of changes you will go through, and most of them are bodily changes that can greatly affect your comfort, productivity, and your way of life. Aging may also cause ligaments to stiffen, resulting in inflammation and pain in your joints that can limit mobility and may require you to have mobility assistance to ensure your safety.

If you are a senior plagued with joint pains, here are some ways to attain relief, according to an adult family home in Federal Way, Washington:

  • Apply Warm Compress.

    Applying a warm compress over the affected area can help with the stiffness and inflammation. Doing so can also relax the tired muscles around your joints. Plus, it is the easiest and safest form of therapy.

  • Massage the Area in Circular Motions.

    Massages have been utilized around the globe due to their healing, and relaxing properties. It is also known to help with pain. Massaging your painful joints in circular motions increases blood flow, which reduces pain.

  • Incorporate Turmeric in Your Diet.

    Turmeric is rich in glucosamine, an anti-inflammatory property that can help alleviate swelling, inflammation, and pain from joint pains.

  • Take Over-the-Counter Pain-Killers.

    Over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen are known to help with pain, including joint pains. However, a provider of elderly care in Washington strongly recommends consulting your doctor first before purchasing and taking such medications.

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