Is It Time for You to Take a Break?


Life fills everybody’s days with hustle and bustle, and being the family and primary caregiver of a loved one who is elderly is no exception. It is an enormous responsibility. It requires much dedication, effort, and time. While it is an act done purely out of love, it can become stressful for caregivers over time.

After all, we are only human, and each of us has limits. As a provider of elderly care in Washington, we know that once we reach that limit, it can cause harm to those around us and, most of all, ourselves. Burnout can happen to anyone, especially those constantly meeting high demands of their obligations. Here are signs that you may be experiencing caregiver burnout:

  • Falling ill more often
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Constant feelings of exhaustion
  • Feeling anger and frustration
  • Losing interest in what gives you enjoy

If the above applies to you, you should take a break from being a family caregiver. You deserve to have time to recharge and relax. All Saints Adult Family Home is here to relieve stress by offering respite care!

You can trust us with your loved one at our adult family home in Federal Way, Washington. We will attend to and care for their needs with expert and loving hands.

Your loved one’s health is our priority. We provide a wide range of services, including memory care in Washington. You and your loved one deserve to rest from anything that stresses you; let us help. Contact us now!


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