How to Keep Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s Safe?


Alzheimer’s disease is a health condition that progressively declines a person’s memory and thinking skills, making it difficult for them to carry out basic tasks, affecting their daily life. If your loved one is involved with this illness, they may need 24-hour care; you must provide them as much support as possible as they go through such difficult times. All Saints Adult Family Home is here to help!

Our adult family home in Federal Way, Washington, firmly believes that safety should be a top priority in maintaining good health. Caregivers must do whatever is needed to ensure the safety of those with Alzheimer’s, as it can lead to various unsafe situations. With that, below are tips to keep in mind:

  • Lessen the risk of wandering

    Accompany them if they wish to go outside, and install door chimes.

  • Do not let them drive

    It is best to seek a doctor’s advice if they can do so and keep keys out of reach.

  • Remove any possible hazards at home

    Enhance lighting and get rid of sharp objects on countertops and drawers.

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle

    Help them get regular check-ups and a healthy routine of diet and exercise.

It is our goal that we provide care where you feel safe. As we offer a variety of services, such as memory care in Washington, we want to help you and your loved one have more manageable and more convenient days ahead!

Your loved one deserves no less than royal treatment so they can feel golden in their golden years, regardless of their health condition. Contact us for more information on elderly care in Washington at 206-335-1351 or


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