Ways We Provide Hygiene Assistance to Your Loved Ones


As your loved ones age, they may eventually need help to complete their daily tasks. They may not perform their hygiene routine alone, from getting dressed to bathing. So, how can we provide support for them? Learn more below:

  • Assess their current abilities.

    When providing elderly care in Washington, we assess your loved one’s abilities to manage their hygiene first. This way, we can better assist while preserving their integrity. We Begin by Knowing their issues and offer support from there.

  • Know their preferences.

    We Communicate with your loved ones and ask them how we can assist with their dignity still intact. Some may want to experience hands-on care from registered nurses or care professionals, but others still want to preserve their independence. We Encourage your loved ones to open up about what they like and dislike!

  • Give them control and independence.

    When providing hygiene assistance to seniors, we make sure not to make them feel out of control. We Offer them hygiene assistance in a way that feels acceptable to them. Aging may require seniors to receive several types of care, from memory care in Washington to hygiene assistance, which could be overwhelming. We are sensitive and give them the independence they are due.

All Saints Adult Family Home is an adult family home in Federal Way, Washington. We provide dignified care for personal hygiene needs, respecting the privacy and comfort of your loved ones. Our staff provides discreet and compassionate assistance to your loved ones to ensure they feel comfortable and dignified. With our support, they can maintain their hygiene and receive the care they deserve. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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