Signs It’s Time for Respite Care  


Being a primary caregiver and providing care and support to aging loved ones can be rewarding and challenging. However, when you care for others and forget to care for yourself, it can lead to burnout. Don’t wait before you run out of strength before considering respite care. Pay attention to these common signs below.

  • You feel overwhelmed more often.

    As a caregiver, do you often feel overwhelmed when providing elderly care in Washington for your loved ones? Stress and fatigue are parts of any job, but regular feelings of stress and being overwhelmed are unhealthy. It’s time to hire respite care as soon as possible. Respite caregivers can help you!

  • You get sick frequently.

    When you’re sick, it’s impossible to give the best care. Physically and mentally, it’s not possible to force yourself to work. If you’re physically exhausted from providing memory care in Washington to senior patients, you need help from respite caregivers. It is a sure sign you need to take a break!

  • You have a declining relationship.

    Providing family home care causes burnout and stress that affects your relationship with your patient. As a caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed. For patients, they may feel like a burden for needing help. Taking some time off will help clear both your minds, allowing for your relationship to grow better and stronger with time. 

As an adult family home in Federal Way, Washington, All Saints Adult Family Home offers temporary relief for caregivers to ensure quality care during your break. Our compassionate team ensures that your loved one receives the same care and attention during their stay, allowing you to take time for yourself and recharge. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a personalized tour.

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